Past Project

Joint NTI-GN Curriculum Initiative


  1. Getting started: knowledge/understanding – introduce project to students and review background information, including suggested lesson plans on the NLCA, NTI, NTI Elections and the democratic process.
  2. Focused discussion: communication – to help focus and encourage thinking/inquiry about PSAs. Students will reflect on questions.
  3. The production: application – review guidelines for creating a PSA with students. In small groups, students brainstorm PSA ideas and write and produce a PSA no longer than three minutes on the importance of youth voting in NTI Elections with a peer-to-peer message.
  4. Let’s Go To the Polls Elections Exercise. Teachers and students may choose to hold mock NTI Elections for Vice-President in their classrooms or schools. Resource kits for all age groups are included in this package of information. It is recommended that this exercise conclude on NTI Elections Day, Dec. 8, 2014, with a trip to the community poll for students who are 16 years of age and eligible to vote in NTI Elections.
NTI Elections 2014 - Nunavut Grade 9 Social Studies Teacher’s Guide