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Unit 3: Defining DemocracyUnité 3 : Définir la démocratieUnit 3: ᑐᑭᓕᐅᖅᑕᐅᓂᖓ ᓂᕈᐊᕐᓂᐅᑉ

The students will: Define democracy in their own words Consider how the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms secures democratic process Describe role and effectiveness of democracy in NTI Les élèves : définiront ce qu’est la démocratie en leurs propres mots; examineront comment la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés ancre le processus démocratique; décriront le rôle … Continue reading U3 Learning Competencies

Democracy- a system of government in which people choose their rulers by voting for them in election. Protection- prevent someone or something from being harmed in anyway. Equality- the same status, rights, and responsibilities. Legal- things that relate to the law. Mobility- move easily from one job, home, or social class to another. Minority- a … Continue reading U3 Language development

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ReadingTexte de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertésᑲᓇᑕᒥᐅᑉ ᐱᖁᔭᕐᔪᐊᖏᑦ ᐱᔪᓐᓇᐅᑎᓄᑦ ᐊᒻᒪ ᐃᓱᒪᖅᓱᕈᓐᓇᐅᑎᓄᑦ ᐅᖃᓕᒫᖅᑕᐅᓗᑎᒃ

In most western countries democratic rights are exercised through the electoral process. However, in many countries there are no elections or the votes are not free and open. In Canada, our concept of democracy is based on and guaranteed through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Dans la plupart des pays occidentaux, les droits démocratiques s’exercent … Continue reading U3 Background

What rights do we have in Canada? Form students into five groups and give each group a different reading from Charter of Rights and Freedom. Students review the five broad rights we have as Canadians comprised of Mobility Rights BLM 3.1, Legal Rights BLM 3.2, Equality Rights BLM 3.3, Minority Rights BLM 3.4 and Democratic … Continue reading U3 Opener

Definition of Democracy Democracy is a system of government in which people choose their rulers by voting for them in elections. Provide this definition to the class and ask the class to discuss the following question: How can the people govern themselves? Définition de la démocratie La démocratie est un système de gouvernement par lequel … Continue reading U3 Connector

What is an election? Election is a process in which people vote to choose a person or group of people to hold an official position. Elections are not held in the same way around the world. Explain that they will find out more about elections through playing Bingo Scavenger Hunt. Give each student a Bingo … Continue reading U3 Activity

Content When is the next NTI Election? Which positions are up for election? How many members sit on the NTI Board of Directors? Who is eligible to vote in NTI Elections? Collaborative How does an elections support democracy? Personal Why is it important for you to participate in an election? Contenu Quand aura lieu la … Continue reading U3 Reflections

Why is voting in NTI important? Read the information provided in the reading Why is Voting Important in NTI Elections BLM 3.3. As a class, discuss the points being raised, especially in light of roles and responsibilities NTI has around securing Inuit rights. Ask students if they have voted in the past-why or why not? … Continue reading U3 Follow-Up

Provide the full version of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For students reference.Fournissez aux élèves une version complète de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés comme texte de référence.ᑐᓂᔭᐅᓗᑎᒃ ᐃᓘᓐᓇᖏᑦ ᑎᑎᕋᖅᓯᒪᔪᑦ ᑲᓇᑕᒥᐅᑉ ᐱᖁᔭᕐᔪᐊᖏᑦ ᐱᔪᓐᓇᐅᑎᓄᑦ ᐊᒻᒪ ᐃᓱᒪᖅᓱᕈᓐᓇᐅᑎᓄᑦ. ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑎᓄᑦ ᖃᐅᔨᒪᔾᔪᑕᐅᓂᐊᕐᒪᑕ .

Encourage students to use a dictionary and provide examples of terms for students who are unsure of definitions in the NLCA and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The readings in the Activity are of different lengths and difficulty. You may want to assign these shorter readings to students who have difficulty.Encouragez les élèves à … Continue reading U3 Accommodating Diversity

Student- Complete the Learning Log. Teacher- Review student learning logs and provide descriptive feedback. Élève – Compléter le journal d’apprentissage. Enseignant – Révisez le journal des élèves et donnez-leur une rétroaction descriptive. ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑎ – ᑎᑎᕋᕐᓗᓂᐅᒃ ᐃᓕᑉᐸᓪᓕᐊᔭᖏᓐᓄᑦ ᑎᑎᕋᕐᕕᒃᓴᖓᓄᑦ. ᐃᓕᓴᐃᔨ – ᕿᒥᕐᕈᓇᒡᓗᒋᑦ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑎᐅᑉ ᐃᓕᑉᐸᓪᓕᐊᔭᖏᓐᓄᑦ ᑎᑎᕋᕐᕕᒃᓴᖅ ᐊᒻᒪ ᑎᑎᕋᕐᕕᒋᓗᒍ ᓇᓗᓇᐃᖅᑎᖅᓯᒪᔪᓂᒃ.

NTI Elections 2014 - Nunavut Grade 9 Social Studies Teacher’s Guide

NTI Elections 2014 – Nunavut Grade 9 Social Studies Teacher’s Guide