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Unit 5: Electoral Facts

The students will use a range of print and electronic sources to gather information and explore ideas for their written work and be able to script and produce an original dramatic work using a range of dramatic forms and processes that demonstrates an understanding of their audience. The students will work collaboratively to create a … Continue reading U5 Learning Competency

Effective Communication- the systems and processes that are used to communicate or broadcast information. Innovative- something that is new and original. An innovative person introduces changes and new ideas. Creative- the ability to invent and develop original ideas.

PSA Reading, Contest Release and Consent,

Campaign Jingles Debrief the rally songs from the simulation-what made an effective message? Why is effective communication important? Do you think the campaign songs influence the vote?

PSA Reading, TV and radio ads There are three steps for a PSA Who is your target audience? Pick your message Develop your content Give students a copy of the reading What is a Public Service Announcement? Review the information provided.

NTI Elections 2014 Introduce contest by reading to the class NTI Elections 2014 BLM 5.2. Your Students brainstorm what they think some of the issues of the election should be for young voters. Record these on the board or chart paper. Provide each student with a set of the Contest rules and regulations. Post a … Continue reading U5 Activity

Content What makes a good PSA? Collaborative What current issues affect Inuit young and why are these important? Personal Which issue, if addressed, would encourage you to vote?

PSA Assignment Ask students to read the contest handout. Each school will develop one PSA and submit it on behalf of the school. PSAs cannot be longer than three minutes.

Post contest in the classroom.

Encourage students who find this activity challenging to work with a group.

Student Complete learning logs. TEACHER Invite students to determine evaluation criteria for the PSA project. Collaboratively have students review all submissions using the agreed criteria.

NTI Elections 2014 - Nunavut Grade 9 Social Studies Teacher’s Guide

NTI Elections 2014 – Nunavut Grade 9 Social Studies Teacher’s Guide