Past Project

Joint NTI-GN Curriculum Initiative

Learning Competencies

Nunavusiutit NTI Elections

  1. The students will learn about NTI’s electoral process and learn about NTI as an organization.
  2. The students will explore what it means to be a responsible citizen and the importance of participating actively in the civic affairs of NTI.
  3. The students will use a range of print and electronic sources to gather information and explore ideas for their written work.
  4. The students will work collaboratively to create a media work product designed and shaped by the purpose at hand.
  5. The students will use effective techniques to carry out the steps in preproduction, production and post-production.
  6. The students will script and produce an original dramatic work using a range of dramatic forms and processes and demonstrate an understanding of their audience.


  • inclusive group activities
  • small group discussion
  • think-pair-share
  • partner work
  • scenarios, role plays
  • personal reflection
  • chart and poster displays
  • tools for self, peer and teacher assessment
  • KWL
  • Brainstorm
  • Jigsaw
NTI Elections 2014 - Nunavut Grade 9 Social Studies Teacher’s Guide