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Unit 2: How is NTI Organized?

Students will: Examine how NTI is organized and the role of the various elected members. Compare the roles and responsibilities of elected and appointed officials Explore the concept of accountability in a political organization

Elected- people choose someone to represent them, by voting from them. Represent- someone such as a lawyer or a politician represents a person or group of people, and act on behalf of that person or group. Office- a department of an organization, especially in government, where people deal with a particular kind of administrative work. … Continue reading U2 Language development

Reading, Board of Directors List, Staff List

Nunavut has adopted the democratic process of representation through election. Elections give each citizen an opportunity to select the person who they feel is most qualified to represent them on issues of concern. A citizen’s right to vote is central to ensuring all other rights are protected. NLCA rights are administered through NTI and elected … Continue reading U2 Background

Organization charts Together as a class use the Organization Chart BLM 2.1 and complete it for your school. Form groups of four and hand out a chart to each group. Based on the reading BLM 2.2 their task is to develop and organization chart for NTI. Compare their charts with the school organizational chart and … Continue reading U2 Opener

Define elected, appointed, represents. Within the class review who is elected, who is appointed, who represents another organization and ask students who are these people are accountable to? Include in their organization charts an accountabilities chart by adding other groups and organizations and linking these using arrows of accountability.

Accountability As a class, discuss how the electoral process provides accountability. Ask students to suggest how they know who to vote for? Record ideas on the board or on chart paper. Ask students to suggest what they can do if the person in office is not doing a good job of representing them. Again record … Continue reading U2 Activity

Content What are the main differences between elected and appointed officials? How do elections promote accountability? Personal Who represents you at NTI? How can you ensure they are being accountable?

Research Instruct students to record the role of each elected position-President and Vice-President. Provide copies of NTI Leadership Roles BLM 2.3 to each student and a copy of NTI Leadership Roles student sheet BLM 2.4. Find what duties and responsibilities each role has. Discuss findings as a class.

Provide copies of all the resource documents for the class.

Make sure that definitions of terms are well understood by providing examples from your school community.

Student – Learning Fact Log Throughout this module students should record important facts. Teacher – Review KWL Provide students with the criteria and expectations for a good presentation of findings. Encourage group reporters to make use of these criteria.

NTI Elections 2014 - Nunavut Grade 9 Social Studies Teacher’s Guide

NTI Elections 2014 – Nunavut Grade 9 Social Studies Teacher’s Guide